Currently I am focusing on two main research areas: Numerical cognition and Schizophrenia-related stigma.

I have a general interest in numerical cognition. This is partily because of my frustrated experience of learning math in the primary school. I want to find out what kind of factors may determine the learning outcome of math (although I already know a grumpy teacher will definitely lead to a negative result) and I want to understand the neural basis of numerical cognition. Specifically, I am interested in understanding the subitizing ability and how it plays a fundamental role in the development of numerical cognition.

The research interest of reducing schizophrenia-related stigma emerges from my internship in a general hospital. Through conversation with many mental illness patients, I get to know how hard their life could be. I decide to contribute my effort to make their life easier. In the past five years, I am actively involved in the research and advocacy of reducing the stigma that related to schizophrenia.



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