Corsi Blocks Task with jsPsych

This piece of code is revised by Dr Jian Chen based on the published code from R. Gibeau (2021) The Corsi Blocks Task: Variations and coding with jsPsych. The Quantitative Methods for Psychology. 10.20982/tqmp.17.3.p299 In this version, I follow the classical Corsi task in which 9 sequences are presented in a fixed order. Blocks are … Read more

Install Process in SPSS in MacOS Big Sur

I don’t like SPSS, but due to the need of teaching, I have to install SPSS in my own computer. When I tried to install Hayes’ Process add-ons in the SPSS, it always said it has no permission to do so. This is quite annoying. So the reason is that SPSS has no full disk … Read more

Digit Span Task in Qualtrics

The pandemic makes online psychological experiments very needed in the past few months. One commonly used tool is Qualtrics. I don’t have too many complains about Qualtrics except for its ability to DIY cognitive tasks. I don’t see why they don’t include this feature as many of us already bought their most expensive plans. Nevertheless, … Read more

Change the space between paragraphs in Qualtrics

The space between paragraphs in the Qualtrics might be too large, how to reduce the space?  One solution is to add JS code in the “Question JavaScript” to change the padding size or margin size before and after one paragraph. Note, Qualtrics appears to set up some kind of minimum space between paragraphs so even … Read more

Corrected Vision May Still Bias the Gabor Patch Detection

As said in the title, participants with corrected vision (wearing glass or contact lens) may still have distorted vision due to whatever reason, especially in Gabor patch detection task. This question comes from my personal experience, I always feel that the vertical Gabor patch is brighter than horizontal ones, and is easier to detect. Below … Read more

Keyboard Calibration Using the Damn Laser

Almost no one care about how precise/reliable the keyboard pressing is, here, we built a damn cool equipment to examine this question. Broadly speaking, the time precision is good, mean variance is less than 0.2 ms. Environment: MATLAB with Linux (Ubuntu 14.04) Monitor: SONY Triniton at 120Hz Keyboard: Mechanic number board In short, the delay … Read more