EEG Processing Steps (based on EEGLAB and ERPLAB)

Here are the basic steps I used to process BioSemi EEG data. 1 load raw data 2 channel location 3 re-reference 4 filtering (sometimes the data is very huge and therefore the filtering will be very slow, so we can do the filtering later) 5 Create EEG event list (ERPLAB from now on) 6 Assign bins … Read more

Place errorbars on a grouped bar graph in MATLAB

Well, although MATLAB is not great for plotting, a few tricks can make it drawing easier. We often use errorbar function to plot errorbar but it’s impossible for Matlab to put error bars on a grouped bar graph. Matlab simply gives a shit if you command it straightforwardly. For example: The error bars are located … Read more

Sublime Text 2 with MATLAB Syntax – Windows

Sublime text does not recognize .m file from MATLAB after installation and show it in Object-c syntax. How to fix it? Here is the solution: Select Preferences -> Browse Packages… to open your Packages folder, and open the Objective-C subfolder. Open Objective-C.tmLanguage in Sublime as an XML file (open it in sublime), and comment out (or … Read more

Send Triggers via Parallel Port in Linux – using pp & ppMEX.c

This method is developed by Erik Flister. It is designed to read/write TTL levels on parallel port pins under Linux, win32 (using porttalk), or matlab32 on win64 (using io32). This method includes two code files: pp.m and ppMex.c. The way to implement this method is easy, just to insert a line of code in your matlab script. To even … Read more

Install Biosemi Actiview on 64-bit Linux (Ubuntu)

Biosemi developed their Linux recording software (Actiview) based on Labview 8.5 (32-bit). Actiview, therefore, has to run in a LabVIEW run-time engine (8.5) environment. It seems that they didn’t update this after release. A big problem is, who still use a 32-bit system? My lab currently builds a series of experimental equipment based on Ubuntu … Read more