Replace MATLAB with Octave in MacOS

It becomes my concern when MATLAB was banned in some Chinese universitites early this year. I am a bit worried that MATLAB might also be banned in every Chinese university in one day. After all, we live in such an uncertain time. How do we run experiment and analyse data if this happened?

Fortunately there are plenty of altenative tools for MATLAB and many of them are open source. Octave is one of them. In fact, with this thought, I suddenly realise that why the hell should I use MATLAB. I don’t have to do that at all.

So, I decide to replace MATLAB with Octave in my research. 

1, unisntall MATLAB from your system
OMG, so relief. Such a huge and unresponsive app! My computer will thank me for this.

2, MATLAB -> Octave 
Follow instructions on this webpage, you will find it’s pretty easy to install Octave in your mac.

3, PsychToolbox -> PsychToolbox
PsychToolbox supports both MATLAB and Octave, so, hey, big problem solved.

EEGLAB supports both MATLAB and Octave, so, hey, big problem solved.\_EEGLAB\_on\_Octave

I feel happy and I love open source.